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Nickel Plate Mills in Erie PA is one of the area’s largest suppliers of bulk grass and vegetable seeds for your best lawn or garden.
Nickel Plate Mills Our greenhouse is fully stocked with healthy, vibrant vegetables and flowers during spring and early summer.
Our greenhouse only carries healthy, quality flowers and vegetables for the best results.


From ryegrass to bluegrass and everything in between, Nickel Plate Mills can offer you the perfect varietal mixes for your soil condition. Soils heavy in clay or gravel require different grass seed blend concentrations to be successful. If you’re having trouble growing grass under that tree or getting rid of those bothersome weeds, stop by and see us. We’ll be able to address your unique problem with an affordable solution. In most cases, it’s just a question of knowing the right approach to take and being consistent with a particular application. You can have that robust lawn you want with a little bit of effort and an affordable investment. Stop by and we’ll take the time to make sure you know what to do and when to do it.

We are one of the areas largest suppliers of bulk vegetable & grass seed. Whether your needs are by the ounce, the pound or the ton, Nickel Plate Mills can meets your specific needs. All of our bulk seeds are certified by variety and germination rate. We deal only with the region’s most reputable seed houses. And if you are unsure of your specific needs, we can work with you to suggest a plan that gets results. Whether you’re trying to get the maximum production from your square foot garden or planting an acre, our staff can help you plan for production or just for the fun of it. From hybrids to heritage seed, you can choose from a great selection to meet your needs. We also have a selection of organic and chemical fertilizers to help your plants thrive.

Our greenhouse is seasonally stocked with bedding plants, perennials and vegetable starter plants from some of our regions finest growers. Choose from a wide variety of tomatoes, lettuce, squash, peppers, cabbage, eggplant, cauliflower, broccoli, onions, brussel sprouts, collards and herbs. Browse our showy selection of annual bedding plants and perennials for the perfect home accents.
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